I’m literally thinking of doing Pole Fitness

I love working out in the gym, and also love dancing! So yeah…hmm hmm still thinking, but my mom tells me I should totally do it. She said Your working all your muscles, get leaner AND you will get even stronger! Geez mom hehe, she’s right I will get my strong back from when I used to do gymnastics!

yeah… I totally was born in the wrong time and place…

I am sooo ashamed of this era, the music, the kids/teenagers, the adults acting like douchebags. We life in a time and age and we can’t even respect people from other color and with different ethnic backgrounds, trans/ gay people, women who want the same right as men! Like foreal…. its fricking 2014 and we haven’t even improved the slightest bit. Still fighting in wars and still killing innocent people,STILL fighting over religion!….And don’t get me started on kids these days. I. CAN’T.  I. JUST. CAN’T